The Parsons PROJECT

Kaufman & Perri are going back to our roots with a grab-bag of recordings mixed and mastered by Chris Parsons.

Unlike our studio-production demos, these “sampler” recordings are all home-studio projects with either Perri or Kaufman (and occasionally our buddy Matt Dame) on vocals and Chris “Johnny” Perri on virtually every instrument. A lot of these songs are ones that didn’t pass muster with Andy, but still seemed worthy of recording. Anyway, hope y’all like ‘em. Stay tuned for more.  And kudos and thanks to Chris Parsons for agreeing to help us get ’em all over the finish line.

I’m Drinkin’ Beer

I’m drinkin’ beer,

till it’s clear,

hey what’s going on here


In My Delta Home

Carving lines in the water, leaving footprints in the sand

Pounding dents in the beer, making music with the band


Country Born Woman

My country born woman

There ain’t no place you couldn’t

Light on fire in pigtails wearing cut blue jeans


Good Morning Nashville

You got me stirring your smile is like a song to my eyes


This Is The Morning

Stockings all hanging high, so full the kid’ll cry, this is the Morning, hmmm, Christmas mornin


This Christmas isn’t just another day in December, when every Christmas stocking gets filled with gifts but one



Every good gift every perfect gift and blessing’s from above

See his glory shine about you turn the darkness into love


The Parsons PROJECT Song Credits

Vocals: Chris Perri, Matt Dame, Marcus Kaufman • All instruments:  Chris Perri •
Recorded by Chris Perri • Mixed and Mastered by Chris Parsons