A Good Idea at the TimeCountry
A Hui Kaua 
Ain’t Goin’ Believe 
A Thrifty Working Class 
A Worthless Man 
The Angel I Need 
Angel in the Front Seat Driving 
The Answer is No 
Ask Dad 
Baby Don’t 
Be an Angel 
Better LOVE Next Time 
Brother Iron Sister Steel 
Come out TonightPop Country
Country Born Woman 
Cowboy Music 
Devil’s CocaineDevil’s Cocaine Lyric Video
Drivin’ Fool 
Die That Way 
Don’t Pump the Brakes 
Drunk on Dreamin’ 
Every Good Gift 
Every Little Thing (But You) 
Everybody’s ‘Goin to the Show (LET’S GO!) 
Fire in the Hole 
Goin’ Out Tonight 
Going in for More 
Going to the Zoo 
Good and KissedCountry Ballard
Good Morning Nashville 
Heaven on Earth 
Hey Y’all 
His Love is Mine to Hold 
I Say Harry Bailey 
I Say Merry Christmas 
I Was Made for You 
I’m Drinkin’ Beer 
If You Happened to Be Me 
In My Delta Home 
Irish Goodbye 
It Was a Wonderful Life 
It’s a Wonderful Life 
Jonesin’ On You Girl 
Kind of Fool I Wanna Be 
Kiss My Go to Hell 
Leave Me Lonesome 
Let His Prayer 
Let It Go 
Lighting Don’t Strike Twice 
Marcus’ Country Playlist 
Mardi Gras Babies on Ice 
Marry Me 
More ‘a What We Got 
Mrs. Bailey May I Have This Dance? 
No Man is a Failure Who Has Friends 
Not Even Once 
One Kind Word 
Outshines the Sun 
The Riddle of the Sphinx 
Right On The Money 
Shake Off the Dust and Go 
Smiling MomentsCountry Power Ballard
Southern Girls 
Take Your First Step 
Thin On the Ground 
This Christmas 
This is the Morning 
This Town 
This Was Gonna Be Our Song 
Tight to You Girl 
Time to Be an Angel 
To Walk in Your Life 
True Love Gone Wrong 
Turn and Look 
Walking Loud Ain’t Walking Tall 
Wassup Miami? 
We Come So Far 
We Got Friends 
Worth More Dead than Alive 
You Got Your Wish 
Zombies are in My Backyard